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Saturday, June 25th, 2005
3:56 pm
Rants and thoughts about what is not right
About: Who the hell keeps erasing this shit! Oh well, I must really be slow and keep erasing my own profile... or is big brother watching me.... ooohhhh!

Whatever. This site is dedicated to an anarchist point of view of what is best of the Future of America. Anarchist-perspective as in non-violent and intellectual way of protesting the false "democracy" which few stand to gain and so many suffer and are oppressed. I want to talk about international issues too. Hope to hear form you readers out there!
3:52 pm
Bush, Bolton, and other ways to say HI STUPID!
I did like a huge first entry in my live journal on a day I needed to vent, and wow... its gone... go figure. That's my luck. I decided to give this journal entry another chance, but I dont really feel the need to write much. Though I admit that I should provide an introduction other than... "WOW WTF is my entry." But first let's get something out of the way...


There now im done venting.

It's been a while since I did a journal for myself. Last time I ever did such a thing was in what ... 8th grade. I had this idea of making one journal entry a day, publishing the drama of my life, and making alot of money. Funny... an instrument that is suppose to be used for self-discovery or self-healing, and I intended to warp it for self-indulgence... for monetary profit. Wow I feel like pure fuck for brains LOL...

If its not obvious I got an anger problem I have to work on. It's gettin there. Either my control or sanity, its gettin there. I do these journals for me. Feel free to come for the ride and comment if you wish on email or AOLIM but if you dont like what you see.. fuck you and go somewhere else.

So much for a good first impression...

I have a political rant. I ran by some sites on Cuba. One of the very few communist systems in existance, it has been known for supreme medical, agricultural, and literacy movements, despite its' people being suppressed from freedom of expression. I read a little bit on Fidel, Cuban Missle Crisis, and how I was happy to not go through such a tense event, otherwise I would have shit myself green and blue.

Then it occured to me.. didnt we have a movement not to long ago to lift the embargo in Cuba. Yeah it was a really big political thing that even Christopher Dodd (D, CT) supported. Even Governer Jesse (The Body) Ventura wanted to take a flight down there as a political way of normalizing relations with Cuba. See below...


They both are not the only ones. Infact, the issue came to a vote in the House and the idea of reinforcing the embargo on the belief of Cuba having biological weapons was ridiculously defeated. Republicans would have been better off voting for Americans to wear strap-ons and butt-plugs on easter sunday. See below...


The report that Cuba was holding these so-called weapons was delayed because of a "cuban spy", Ana Belen Montes, who was, of all things, a senior cuban analyst. However, the one who spearheaded this report was some fucknut named John Bolton. He claimed that Cuba had been investing in biological weapons by storing them in the island, and selling them to "other rogue states". Why doesnt he just piss and spit on the Cuban flag while he is at it! See below...


In the process of his "investigation", he bullied the people he worked with if there investigative results contradict his, including a state department analyst, Christian Westermann, who checked his information on his conclusions and found them to be anything but legit. He has also lied to the Foreign Relations Committee when he was being confirmed as undersecretary (or some shit like that). Even die hard members voted 10 in favor, 8 against to have his confirmation sent to the committee. What fucking balls! Someone should teach this fucker how to wear a little black moustache and goose step. See below...


Yet, I just read this today, and I finally come to believe our President will not be happy until he bends over and shits on the entire fucking country...


If you got bored with all of this let me sum it up for you (at least my perspective):

When this country was on the verge of having peaceful, profitable relations with Cuba, this cocksucker Bolton declares that Cuba is holding biological weapons. (Hey that sounds familiar... being at war with a country whom we discovered later to have no biological or chemical weapons after so many Americans and Iraq's died? hmm....)

Bolton.. a Republican nominated person who's conclusions just "happen" to coincide with Republicans anti-normaliziation beliefs towards Castro and Cuba. Not only that, but Bush veto's the measure which both democrats and moderate republicans agreed upon, then turns around, and promotes this fucknut to represent the U.S. ... to the U.N.

To the fucking U.N.!!!

Acourse Bush does this though, considering he has stood hard against any normalizations with Cuba considering he sees Fidel Castro as "relic" and a "tyrant". See below.


Yet, the funny part about all this is that we have such happy relations with China, and Vietnam (China's little tough brother) since they are large communist super-powers. But look at little Cuba, and we can roll up our sleaves and beat up on the little guy.

What's even more funny is that we should be more concerned of a horrible machine of terror... ourselves!

Dont be surprised... since the eradication of the American Indians, methods of terror have always been used for U.S. purpose (except it was called "Manifest Destiny" back then). See below...


Other acts of torture and injustice on the side of America... see below...


With the past event of the anti-Castro spy being kept in the U.S., and not rightfully returned to Cuba, we have officialy hammered the last nail on the coffin, and buried any chance of bringing peace between us and Cuba.

This article sums up my opinion on the matter, minus the mindless vulgarity that just seems to drool out of my skull. See Below...


Well that's it folks, 90 minutes of research and typing all piled on one site. I know it seems alot for my first journal entry, but I have a passion for fairness and peace for the world. Seeing stuff like this makes me ashamed that I ever saluted the American flag. You know when you have Amnesty saying your in the wrong... you should really think about what your doing. I never knew them for being anti-American, but for only being anti-injustice. When you look at these articles and my opinions, you must ask yourself why should you care? What does it matter to you? Now nothing... nothing until a nuclear bomb from another country lands in front of your frontyard and turns you and everyone in a 100-mile radius into burnt Jiffy-pop popcorn. The future of this country seems to be hampered by self-righteous leaders that seem to send this country on a route in a name of Democracy. Think about
3:48 pm
Now is forced occupation the good or bad kind?
I dont have much time to type much today, except that something caught my eye while cruising Adbusters. Check this out...



The first one, adbusters, points at a peaceful protest against the West Bank Occupation, and its lack of exposure on the national media. The article makes a good point, its non-violent theme makes it unattractive to major news outlets. Even though the protest is conducted by Palestinians, Israelies, and international activists organizations, it does not receive the coverage it deserves because of the lack of blood, bombs, and bodies. The horror of society is what makes the viewers salivate, and keeps the polls of major news channels (and there major corporate representatives) high as a kite. If you dont believe me, go back to every time protesting Palestinians are shown on CNN. Rock throwing, AK-47 shooting, or blown-up and bloody, these are the images we see of them on television.

Sounds familiar... hey don't they (the major news companies) did that to certain Americans... mainly the Latino and Black!

Yet, a significant movement that is not littered with the 3 B's does not deserve news coverage because it does attract ratings.

Now think about this. If something as significant as the peacful protest in the West Bank does not get coverage, how many events in the world you think pass over your head because they are filtered out by major news companies.

Didn't that happen in this country with the cigarette companies: The Insider

Yet, if we go after the news events on our own, we risk of receiving it from news outlets that may not neccesarily hold journalistic integrity in mind. Reading the news from an "Anarchist-run" association may not be appealing to most Americans because they are willing to write not what is popular or fun, but what is true (or even a great extreme of truth - but does it still count as truth)?

And now lets go through the looking glass. Is what we see completely true on television, even those with strong reputations of having "dependable journalistic integrity"? If they are not, then what is really happening out there in this big world out there? How do we know if what is happening is true?

Close your eyes... Let it sink in.... and open them....

Congratulations, your doubt and disbelief against the system of major network corporations (the backbone of this nation's morale) has made you a newbie-anarchist. A Newbie...but an anarchist nevertheless.

I know it hurts because a person against a major system seems powerless... but your not... more to come...

See these ads of blantant truth for shits and giggles...

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